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Saturday, January 29, 2011

VogueLive NYC

I am back from the Big Apple,having taught at VogueLive Jan 21-23. What excitement for the debut of this big event!! Anticipation was high, and the event lived up to it all. The hotel was lovely, my classrooms were well lit and comfortable in temperature (even though it was totally freezing outside), and the market was loads of fun, as all markets are!! Alot of us teachers are bummed out, as the next one is going to be in LA, but the dates are exactly the same as the TKGA event in North Carolina in September. We've already signed our contracts for TKGA.

Judy Pacale and I took the new high-speed electric train, the Acela, from New Haven to Penn station. It was fun to ride a European-type train, but the accomodations for the luggage on the train was dismal. We both had very large suitcases (Judy had 2, I had 1), and it was a trial getting through Penn station also.

My next appearance is at the Needle Lady in Charlottesville NC, then I'm off to Stitches West in Santa Clara. I was just in LA a short while ago when I taught at TNNA. I'm racking up the frequent flyer miles, that's for sure.

We are covered with snow, with more on the way. The banks along our driveway are so high that I can no longer throw the shovelfuls over them. Ken had to chop down the banks by the road so we can see when we pull out of the driveway.'s cozy up by the woodstove and I am working on my knit skirts for my new class. I also find time to do needlepoint, but I know that I am procrastinating my other work to do that. It's one of my behavior patterns that I am well aware of, but I tell myself that needlepoint is a way for my brain to go on holiday. Speaking of which, Ken and I are cruising to Bermuda in the spring for a little sunshine and down-time.

My famous parrot Go-Go, who has appeared in alot of my publicity shots, has found a new home with a wonderful family up in NH. I have had the pleasure of taking care of him for the past 22 years, and I feel it is time to let others share in the pleaure of it all. I know he will never forget me, and I will never forget him. I also intend on visiting him once he gets settled in his new digs.

You can check out all our snow at my Facebook page. Happy shoveling to all us who live up North!!

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