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Monday, March 5, 2012

Link to click

If you click on the above link you will see what I am teaching at Stitches South. If you send this link to everyone in the world you know and ask them to click on it, then I could possibly win the grand prize which is given to the person who gets the most hits. It's sort of like venereal disease! You're not just giving it to one person; give it to everyone you know!!

Back from a whirlwind trip to Venice, Florida, where the weather was sunny, humid, and in the 80's. I got to enjoy about 1 hour of it. I arrived on Friday night, taught all day Saturday, and flew home on Sunday. But I did eat lunch outside and it was glorious. My hair was so curly!

Why do they always announce on the PA on airplanes to "sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight."
Number 1: You cannot sit back. Do they mean sit back by making your seat "recline" one inch?

Number 2: Who can relax when your flight is late, you are in danger of missing your connection, and you just know they are going to "lose" your luggage.

Number 3: I can't relax when my butt is asleep, I cannot reach under the seat to get anything out of my carry-on, and the guy next to me weighs 300 pounds and is dripping over the armrest into my space. His legs are touching my legs, and he's dying to talk to me, even though I make a huge dramatic show of putting in earplugs (ie: don't talk to me). I usually knit while flying, and in spite of the earplugs, they always ask, "What are you knitting?" I answer with one word, and mercifully, they usually have no comeback and leave me alone.

I wish for once they would just tell it like it is...."Hi Folks, this is the captain from the flight deck (they don't call it the cockpit anymore...too suggestive). Sorry about the filthy condition of the airplane and the cramped uncomfortable seats. Just because you paid $500 for your ticket doesn't mean you're entitled to anything better. You're just gonna have to suck it up and do the best you can. Oh...and there's a good chance you'll miss your connector, but don't worry, they will give you a cot and pillow if you have to sleep in the airport. And don't count on getting your luggage. And too bad if you're feeling a little hungry. Even 5 bags of peanuts won't do it for you. Have a nice day."

Now would't that be a refreshing change of pace!

Lucky me, I get to fly again very soon, and with the airline that has the worst record of lost luggage and delayed/cancelled flights. Wow.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Worst 4-Letter Word

From a fiber artist's point of view, the worst 4-letter word I can think of, right now, is MOTH.
I have a closet full of sweaters; some of them I haven't touched or worn in over a decade. One morning I put on one of my most treasured sweaters (and I should mention, has been worn on a regular basis), a warm and lovely alpaca blend that was a design for my book Beyond Wool. I came downstairs and my husband casually said, "What's that hole in the back of your sweater?" I dismissed it as, "Oh no, I probably snagged it on something. " And really, at that moment, I was quite calm. I took it off to investigate, and HORROR!! It was a moth hole. I wasn't calm anymore; I was crazed. After investigating my entire closet, I found just 2 more sweaters with moth holes. And interestingly enough, 1 of those 2 was also alpaca. So apparently the moths in Mansfield Center have expensive taste.

This whole episode opened a can of worms, and I went to work at my closet, weeding out sweaters that were antiques, sweaters I would never wear, sweaters that I haven't worn in over a decade, etc. After looking through all of them I have come to the following conclusions:
-I must have thought I was a size 3X when I made these sweaters
-the old fashion of dropped shoulders really isn't all that attractive, albeit easy to design and knit
-now that my hair has turned gray I have no interest in wearing that color

Click here for the video about the whole sordid affair!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beautiful Parrot and What I am Teaching at Stitches

If you are interested in what I will be teaching at Stitches events, you can check out the link above. You can see a picture of my beautiful parrot Go-Go, who now resides with a new family in NH. We miss him, but he's happy with his new household, which has alot more going on than here. They have a 10 year old boy who adores him, and Go-Go has his own sunroom. He is also going to celebrate his first Xmas, something he never had here!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More StevenBe

For those of you that want more StevenBe, here is part 2 of the

Found pounds and pounds of yarn in the basement which is gorgeous. Some of it didn't smell so hot, even though it was all protected in plastic bins. I have been winding and washing skeins til I am ready to drop.

But...did get the new storage unit in the studio all filled up. Stay tuned for that in tomorrow's video. Also did a bike ride and took a hike on a new trail right behind our house. That extra hour sure came in handy today!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Queen For a Day

One of the highlights of my Minneapolis trip, besides seeing my sister, was a trip to Glad Creations Quilt Block, one of my favorite quilt stores. We usually walk there, as my sister's house is just a few blocks away. This time we drove, and as we pulled up to the store I noticed a sign in the window which said "Candace, queen for a day." I had an inkling that my sister was up to something, as she made a mysterious phone call before we drove there, and was acting sort of strange (stranger than usual, I should add).

This was a belated birthday present for me, and as I entered the store they presented me with a crown and a gift certificate. I was so excited, as the shop is filled floor to ceiling with everything I love. I picked out some lovely batiks, and as we were just leaving, I spotted the quilting book that I had written several years ago on their bookshelf. I pulled it out and showed it to the shop keepers, and they were quite surprised that I was the author.

I'm sure lots of you will recognize the music Ken put to the video. This was actually the same music they used for the show back in the 50's. It is from Sir Edward Elgar's piece Pomp and Circumstance. Most of you know it as "graduation music."

Not to change the subject, but lately, when I have looked at pictures of myself, I seem to notice that I have a very small head. At the last Stitches event I was sitting with Edie Eckman while we were doing book signings at the Yarn Barn. I asked her if she thought I had a little head, and she said yes. Then she quickly added, "But you have a very dense brain inside it." This was a compliment, and I thanked her, but really, I DO have a tiny head. When the woman at the Quilt Block put the Queen for a Day crown on my head she remarked, "You have a very small head." Then she quickly added, "It fits the rest of you." So now folks, it's official, I have a TINY HEAD!!

Stay tuned for Part II of the StevenBe video.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


On October 26 I flew to Minneapolis to teach at StevenBe Yarn Garage, and a weekend for Minnesota Knitter's Days. Little did I know I was going to miss one of the worst snowstorms of New England. Hooray! I missed it! But I did come home to no electricity.

On Oct 27 and 28 I taught at the "you've-never-seen-anything-like-it" StevenBe's Yarn Garage on Chicago Ave in Minneapolis. There was one full day of 25 Slick Tricks, and one half-day of 12.5 Slick Tricks. We had a wonderful time, and Steven served us delicious snacks and lunch.

I can't even begin to describe the store, and Steven, so here's the video. Steven is one-of-a-kind; friendly and flamboyant, kind, generous, and hilarious.

I stayed with my sister Judith, who lives in Minneapolis, and when you watch the video, you can pretty much tell what she is like....we're definitely related, but she is far more eccentric. We had tons of fun; it was like we were little kids again, but with all the freedom of being adults. After teaching at StevenBe's, there was more fun to follow when we both went to the Villa Maria for the knitting retreat.