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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Worst 4-Letter Word

From a fiber artist's point of view, the worst 4-letter word I can think of, right now, is MOTH.
I have a closet full of sweaters; some of them I haven't touched or worn in over a decade. One morning I put on one of my most treasured sweaters (and I should mention, has been worn on a regular basis), a warm and lovely alpaca blend that was a design for my book Beyond Wool. I came downstairs and my husband casually said, "What's that hole in the back of your sweater?" I dismissed it as, "Oh no, I probably snagged it on something. " And really, at that moment, I was quite calm. I took it off to investigate, and HORROR!! It was a moth hole. I wasn't calm anymore; I was crazed. After investigating my entire closet, I found just 2 more sweaters with moth holes. And interestingly enough, 1 of those 2 was also alpaca. So apparently the moths in Mansfield Center have expensive taste.

This whole episode opened a can of worms, and I went to work at my closet, weeding out sweaters that were antiques, sweaters I would never wear, sweaters that I haven't worn in over a decade, etc. After looking through all of them I have come to the following conclusions:
-I must have thought I was a size 3X when I made these sweaters
-the old fashion of dropped shoulders really isn't all that attractive, albeit easy to design and knit
-now that my hair has turned gray I have no interest in wearing that color

Click here for the video about the whole sordid affair!

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  1. Moths!!! Egad!!! Panic!!! Just breathe, be calm, eat chocolate. You can kill the damn moths... You rock! Big hugs!!!