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Thursday, November 3, 2011


On October 26 I flew to Minneapolis to teach at StevenBe Yarn Garage, and a weekend for Minnesota Knitter's Days. Little did I know I was going to miss one of the worst snowstorms of New England. Hooray! I missed it! But I did come home to no electricity.

On Oct 27 and 28 I taught at the "you've-never-seen-anything-like-it" StevenBe's Yarn Garage on Chicago Ave in Minneapolis. There was one full day of 25 Slick Tricks, and one half-day of 12.5 Slick Tricks. We had a wonderful time, and Steven served us delicious snacks and lunch.

I can't even begin to describe the store, and Steven, so here's the video. Steven is one-of-a-kind; friendly and flamboyant, kind, generous, and hilarious.

I stayed with my sister Judith, who lives in Minneapolis, and when you watch the video, you can pretty much tell what she is like....we're definitely related, but she is far more eccentric. We had tons of fun; it was like we were little kids again, but with all the freedom of being adults. After teaching at StevenBe's, there was more fun to follow when we both went to the Villa Maria for the knitting retreat.

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