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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Queen For a Day

One of the highlights of my Minneapolis trip, besides seeing my sister, was a trip to Glad Creations Quilt Block, one of my favorite quilt stores. We usually walk there, as my sister's house is just a few blocks away. This time we drove, and as we pulled up to the store I noticed a sign in the window which said "Candace, queen for a day." I had an inkling that my sister was up to something, as she made a mysterious phone call before we drove there, and was acting sort of strange (stranger than usual, I should add).

This was a belated birthday present for me, and as I entered the store they presented me with a crown and a gift certificate. I was so excited, as the shop is filled floor to ceiling with everything I love. I picked out some lovely batiks, and as we were just leaving, I spotted the quilting book that I had written several years ago on their bookshelf. I pulled it out and showed it to the shop keepers, and they were quite surprised that I was the author.

I'm sure lots of you will recognize the music Ken put to the video. This was actually the same music they used for the show back in the 50's. It is from Sir Edward Elgar's piece Pomp and Circumstance. Most of you know it as "graduation music."

Not to change the subject, but lately, when I have looked at pictures of myself, I seem to notice that I have a very small head. At the last Stitches event I was sitting with Edie Eckman while we were doing book signings at the Yarn Barn. I asked her if she thought I had a little head, and she said yes. Then she quickly added, "But you have a very dense brain inside it." This was a compliment, and I thanked her, but really, I DO have a tiny head. When the woman at the Quilt Block put the Queen for a Day crown on my head she remarked, "You have a very small head." Then she quickly added, "It fits the rest of you." So now folks, it's official, I have a TINY HEAD!!

Stay tuned for Part II of the StevenBe video.

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