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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cleaned Up Studio

I finally cleaned up the studio. I can now see the rug on the floor. Of course, I barely know where anything is now.

I have been alerted that Abraham Bunny has snuck himself into the video blog entitled Mushroom Murder. If you watch the second part where I am showing the gansey-in-progress, and look behind the sweater, you will see a little white rabbit snuffling around.

Today was rainy all day, so had to ride the torture bike in the basement. Whew...what a workout that is. Much worse than riding the roads, and nothing beautiful to look at. Did a fair amount of knitting today, but my hands do not hold out like they used to.

When we have some better light we will make a video of the studio, and I also want to show everyone the rabbit-related cross stitch that I like to do.

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