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Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh no!!

It's inevitable; we found the first errata in Strick-ly Socks. Here it is:

Strick-ly Socks, page 54, Happy Feet Basketweave SocksBasketweave pattern for round 14 should read: (P1,K1)3x, p1, P7 ( instead of K7 as written), (p1, k1)3x, p1.

I think it is pretty minor, and the person who drew it to my attention was able to see exactly what was wrong and do it the correct way. There are blocks of ridges in between blocks of ribbing. To make the ridges when working in the round, every other round needs to be purled.

Now that I know I am going away on vacation, I somehow have gotten a whole new burst of creativity. This is lethal; I want to bring all my new projects along to work on, but I know that I won't have room in the luggage, and that I probably won't be able to spend as much time on them as I want. There will be sightseeing to do, driving on the wrong side of the road (I have to sit shotgun while Ken drives, reminding him every few miles to keep left!). Yes, we are going to England; Cotswalds, to be specific. I will try to post pictures from our B and B's, and write about what we are doing. The almost best part of the trip will be taking the Queen Mary 2 transatlantic both ways. Deck 7 is the Promenade deck, and I love to sit on a deck chair and knit, but mostly I get lured away from it by watching the ocean. It's constantly changing colors, and it never ceases to amaze me. Spending 6 days on this ship is like stepping off of the real world. For a few glorious days, all the troubles of earthly life disappear. It's just me, Ken, the ocean, and doing whatever we want whenever we want.

So what about my burst of creativity? I finished my linen skirt and absolutely love it--want to start another one; have started a cotton lace top to wear over a tank top, have several new shawls in my head that I want to start (next book is Strick-ly Shawls), and of course socks.England is filled with beautiful needlepoint, so I have no doubts that I will come home with some.

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  1. How wonderful on the book! Ordering! There is nothing better than finding patterns that work well for hand dyed yarn, and I hear that your book does just that, as well as bringing other options in the process, how exciting!

    I look forward to hearing/seeing the great fiber and other adventures you have in England!