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Friday, July 2, 2010

Strick-ly Shawls

Now that Strick-ly Socks is out, it is time to turn my attentions to Strick-ly Shawls. I have almost all of the shawls knit at this time, but have to sit down and work on all the charts, and basically write the book. My wonderful test knitters have volunteered to knit some of the shawls.
I have gotten side-tracked a bit because of the call for class proposals. I came up with a few new classes that I am very excited about. One is called 3-D Scrappy Chic. It's fun, easy, and totally liberating. There are NO rules. And you can use up all kinds of leftover yarn. There are a few other classes that I came up with, but am still working out the details.
I just went to Facebook and decided to join. I got sort of tired doing it, then thought about the task of having to go there everyday and checking my mail, responding, etc. Then I got more tired thinking about it and closed the tabs. I know, I know...everyone says I HAVE to get on Facebook. Maybe another day when I am more awake!!
Thanks for reading, and thanks for the lovely comments about the sock book.

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